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Imaging Applications in Extreme Environments Whitepaper
RVTModern CMOS image sensor technology has provided a path for routine imaging in challenging environments including consumer electronics, automotive, and industrial machine vision. The CMOS image sensor's high degree of electronic integration, low power, and small size have made possible these applications, where temperature extremes, vibration, and shock are regularly encountered.

In this article, we discuss imaging in even more extreme environments, where innovative implementations of a CMOS image sensor in a system have enabled digital imaging over a wide spectral range, in environments where it was previously more
NDR CMOS Publication
NDRAn experimental camera system equipped with a novel CMOS image sensor suitable for ground-based astronomy that has both destructive and non-destructive readout capability will be described and the performance characteristics including readout noise, dark current, quantum efficiency, will be given. The optimum data collection algorithms to achieve reduced effective readout noise, cosmic ray rejection, and expanded dynamic range will be more
1000 Series Camera Whitepaper
1000S CameraThe National Ignition Facility requires a compact network addressable scientific grade charge coupled device (CCD) camera for use in diagnostics ranging from streak cameras to gated x-ray imaging cameras. Due to the limited space inside the diagnostic, an analog and digital input/output option in the camera controller permits control of both the camera and the diagnostic by a single Ethernet link. The system consists of a Spectral Instruments Series 1000 camera, a PC104+ controller, and power more
What Is A CCD?
What is a CCD?Fundamentally, a charge coupled device (CCD) is an integrated circuit etched onto a silicon surface forming light sensitive elements called more.
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