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OEM Cameras & Partnership

Spectral Instruments has a demonstrated history with OEM partnership and design of custom cameras tailored to the application. SI is unique in the industry in its position to quickly design, manufacture and produce cameras specifically engineered for demanding imaging requirements. Our internal engineering capabilities are unmatched for cost effective design of cameras which will surpass the mechanical, electrical, and performance specifications required for high end scientific imaging and measurement systems.

OEM Cameras

While new camera design and modification of existing models is our standard business model, there are a number of camera models produced for other companies which are available for rapid production scaling.

1200S Camera

Designed specifically to be enclosed inside the customer’s application, the 1200S packs high performance into an air cooled platform for low cost, quick design and manufacture lead times.

800S Air Cooled Big Taper Camera

This particular model of 800S is incorporated into a customer’s x-ray CT machine. A very large fiber optic taper is bonded to the 4k x 4k 15µm pixel CCD and the camera cools the sensor to -20°C with air cooling.

1100S Cryo Cooled Big Taper Camera

The 1100S fits the bill for ultimate performance in applications requiring the most flexibility in design and configuration. This particular camera cryo cools the 4kx4k 15µm pixel CCD to -60°C even with the large fiber optic taper.

850S Camera

The 850S was originally developed to match performance of cryo cooled cameras in applications with very low light levels. This camera TE cools (with water) the CCD to a dark current busting temperature of -90°C. Noise performance with binning in this camera is unsurpassed in the industry.