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1100 Series
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Custom Cameras

1100S with a Long Neck

1100S CameraSchmitt spectrographs require a small cross section of the actual sensor to ensure maximum photon flux at the CCD for the best sensitivity. The custom 1100S camera shown here helped solve this problem by putting a CCD at the end of a long arm extending into the beam. The CCD is cryo cooled to a temperature of -100°C for minimum dark current despite its distance from the cold head. The arm itself is manufactured of heat treated Invar to ensure mechanical movements of the CCD due to any thermal gradients are minimized.

Direct Detector

Direct DetectorHigh energy particles and photons can be imaged directly with this camera. The Direct Detector sensor was developed to minimize the damage that occurs when these particles strike the silicon sensor. Developed for electron microscopy (see the CMOS sensor is ideal for users that need high resolution and high frame-rates for imaging potentially damaging beams from a large array of application.


Lens Coupled 1100S Camera

Lens Coupled 1100S Camera

The lens-coupled design is available as a complete system from Spectral Instruments. Applications that image high energy photons or particles that are normally damaging to electronics or CCD sensors can be imaged with this product since the light emitting phosphor is the only item directly exposed to the beam. The high resolution and large aperture lens allows faint objects to be projected to the sensitive CCD in the advanced 1100 Series camera.


Vacuum Camera

Vacuum CCD cameraThe camera shown is designed to operate in a vacuum environment. It is based on 800 Series electronics and uses a 4K x 4K pixel CCD. The camera operates inside a containment “bubble” at normal atmospheric pressure. Environmental conditions inside the containment vessel are actively monitored to ensure acceptable conditions for camera operation. This design ensured the customer had the utmost flexibility in optimizing the optical path for the experiment.

800 Series 4K X 4K, Large Fiber

4K x 4K large fiber CCD camera4K x 4K large fiber CCD cameraThe 800 Series of cameras are highly flexible for a number of applications. Shown is an 800 Series camera with a 4kX4k chip, with a large fiber optic taper bonded directly to the CCD. The taper provides a magnification factor of about 2X giving the front a large 163mm diameter input. This particular camera is air cooled and is rated to achieve CCD temperatures of -20°C. The large black plates are used for mounting the camera into the customer's application.

Right Angle Camera

Right angle CCD cameraRight angle CCD cameraA large spectrograph installed on a telescope needed a unique camera design to accommodate the restricted spatial dimensions available to the CCD camera. Spectral Instruments modified an existing design of a camera similar to the 1100 Series to come up with a right-angle CCD orientation that delivered a large format cryo-cooled CCD camera into the tight spaces of the instrument.

Optical Mosaic

Optical Mosaic backOptical Mosaic front
The optical mosaic pictured here displays the unique capability of Spectral Instruments to deliver the largest area imagers tightly coupled side by side in precisely aligned orientations. All sixty-four million pixels in this camera are cooled to cryogenic -100°C temperatures. High QE backthinned CCDs give the maximum quantum efficiency available. High read speeds are capable with up to four ports per CCD readout for the most demanding astronomical observations.