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Custom, Flexible, and Sensitive
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Scientific Optical imaging for Analytical Instrumentation

Spectral Instruments has built its reputation upon being a premier provider of cooled, custom CCD-based camera systems for scientific optical imaging solutions, as array detectors, or as a component of high performance imaging instruments for OEM and individual use. Spectral's imaging systems build upon the company's history of innovation to meet your imaging requirements as the heart of your analytical instrumentation.

Custom CCD Camera Manufacturing

Spectral Instruments has developed scientific imaging cameras, including custom CCD cameras, flexible imaging platforms that can be customized for your scientific applications. Think of Spectral Instruments as your partner if you need sensitivity and accuracy at an affordable price for any of your imaging needs. We are the experts in custom CCD camera design and CCD camera manufacturing.

Optical Imaging and CCD Arrays

Whether you require a high-end optical imaging system or an affordable, sensitive, and accurate CCD Array as the solution for your imaging needs, Spectral Instruments has the product for you. Our flexible R&D team and ability to manufacture scientific imaging cameras in house, at any volume, assure the quality and consistency of performance that you need to succeed.

Analytical Instrumentation And Scientific Imaging Cameras

Spectral Instruments was founded in 1993 in order to take developments in scientific CCD array technology to the next level and to incorporate this technology into analytical instrumentation and scientific imaging cameras. Spectral Instruments is managed by its founders, Gary Sims, Ph.D. and Keith Copeland. Gary and Keith have played pioneering roles in the development of modern scientific array detector technology. Spectral has proven capabilities in not only instrumentation development, but also manufacturing at any scale.

Optical And Electro-Optical Technologies

Spectral Instruments Inc. facility in Tucson, Arizona USA


Spectral's facilities are located in Tucson, Arizona, where the staff collaborates with researchers at the University of Arizona, several local astronomical observatories, and other public and private high-technology organizations in Arizona's "Optics Valley". The close proximity to such leading institutions helps keep Spectral abreast of the latest developments in optical and electro-optical technologies. Spectral Instruments dedicates itself to bring to market the finest, most advanced instruments available along with exceptional service and technical support.

Custom Scientific Imaging

Contact Spectral Instruments today for additional information on how we work with partners to create imaging solutions, to request technical specifications, or to obtain a quote for your specific imaging needs.  

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